Wāhine Processing Power

Self E-STEAM Empowerment

Wāhine Processing Power aims to cultivate women and girls to be creators and innovators of new technologies by empowering them with STEAM learning, experiences and networking opportunities. Beyond our curriculum, our work and programs center around building the Self E-STEAM of each participant through Support, Team, Equality, Advocacy, and Mentorship that they need to thrive in today’s world.

Our Why?

The Democratization of STEAM Education & Opportunites for Wāhine and Building a Coalition for Equity and Inclusion in Academia and the Workplace.

Women comprise only 34.4% of the workforce at the five largest tech companies
In male-dominated workplaces,
50% of women claim to have experienced gender discrimination at work.

Only 1 in every 10 developers is
a woman

Our Process

Connect To Experiences

We connect wāhine to the processes that enable them to leapfrog current systems to turn their STEAM dreams into reality.

Network Power

We aim to create the leading network of STEAM specialists, practitioners, and educators in Hawaiʻi to share and mentor the next generation of wāhine creators and innovators.

Create Processes to Empower

We provide programming and curriculum that focuses on created new realities and opportunities for wāhine.

Powered By STEAM

Wāhine Processing Power is a collective represented by members from ʻIolani School, HawaiiKidsCAN, Purple Maiʻa Foundation and Wahine Coder.

Our programming is made possible through the belief and generosity of our donors and partners: Women’s Fund of Hawaiʻi, Computational Thinkers, Startup Capital Ventures, Strada Education Network & Alakaʻina Foundation.

Wāhine Processing Power 2019 on Kauaʻi

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