What We Do

The primary goal of Wāhine Processing Power is to provide girls & wāhine with an increased sense of empowerment in their ability to succeed in STEM fields, and connect them with a network of women in STEM and other professional fields to support them in their future academic and professional endeavors. 

Summer 2018

A Workshop in Coding & Advocacy

How can women & girls be creators and innovators of new technology to elevate their community voice?

WPP led activities and host ed keynote and panel discussions that addressed our central theme for the event–addressing what is the gender gap in CS and STEM fields. In our our first session we engaged in activities and heard perspectives from women in advocacy, tech, entrepreneurship, and government.

Participants got creative and envisioned a future where women and girls are makers of technologies that increase political participation and gender equity in school and the workplace. Participants explored systems thinking, the design process, prototyping, self-defined values of success, and practiced pitching their ideas!

Summer 2019

DIY Water Sensors Technologies to Monitor the Well-Being of Kauaʻi Watersheds

Kaua‘i Wahine Processing Power (WPP) 2019 was a two-day workshop intended to create an immersive, place-based, STEM learning and networking experience for women and girls on West Kaua‘i. Over two days (July 11-12, 2019) women and girls learned about the ʻāina of Kaua‘i and how they can use technology to monitor the wellbeing of watersheds.

Participants using a wirecutter to prepare before wiring their sensors.

Summer 2020

Fashion & Tech: An immersive learning experience in designing, prototyping, and making wearable technologies.

Day 1: Intro to Wearable Tech

We explored the following topics:

  1. In Fashion – How wearable tech can enhance creativity
  2. For Assistance – How wearable tech can assist a community (kupuna, persons with disabilities, pets, bicyclists etc.)  

Day 2-5: Intro to Fashion, Prototyping & Product Development & Branding

  • Intro to Fashion, sewing & textiles 
  • Mini project including cross stitching
  • User experience and empathy activities
  • Prototype development and iteration of wearable or assistive tech products 

Summer 2021

We facilitated a 6-week mentorship program in tandem with the development of our NEW website. The mentorship program included topics in website design, development and copywriting. Our collective work together resulted in the development of this website along with our online resource hub. Meet Our Mentees!

Alexa Fernando
Bethany Mariconda
Shaelyn Loo
Ada Davis-Nouri
Jazlen Lucas
Tori Trevino

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